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So, what is…“Smoke and Mirrors”? Well, it’s a mantra of mine. So much of what we see, hear and experience in our “OZ” world is in all actuality a facade. Smoke and mirrors. The systems keeping their curtains closed from the masses. And knowing that reality can give most people anxiety. Me? Well, normally, I am a well grounded, calm, cool, and collected kind of guy.

I am the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Quantum of Justice”.

"...the account is fascinating for what it reveals about the ability of lenders to take people’s homes..."

**Kirkus Reviews**

The book covers my four year long legal battle that took me through Federal District court, CA Superior and Appellate courts, on to the California State Supreme Court, all while acting as my own attorney. The case was against Wells Fargo Bank for fraud of their illegal foreclosure action against my personal home while I was current on my mortgage. Yes, you read that right. Learn why the courts silenced the 117 case documents that had been filed during the litigation, as well as, why they conveniently lost all of the court reporter documents of the entire case? The court couldn’t stop me from writing a book of what I uncovered that they didn’t want to public to find out.

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So, About me…

I am the author of the critically acclaimed book “Quantum of Justice” and CEO/Creative Director at Olive Publishing, LLC. I am a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors, and the Independent Book Publisher’s Assoc. I have also been a real estate investor/developer/builder for my adult life, and am the CEO of a construction firm in the San Francisco bay area. I am a critical thinker, podcaster, public speaker, singer, musician, and a poet.

My debut book, “Quantum of Justice – The Fraud of Foreclosure and the Illegal Securitization of Notes on Wall Street” continues to be well received and reviewed. I released the book “So, You Decided to Write a Book” in July 2023. The release of the audio book of “Quantum of Justice is coming soon, as well as, two eBooks on real estate; and a book of poetry, in 2024. My political/thriller, called Truth and Consequences, scheduled to be release in 2025, and is available here to read chapter by chapter for paid subscribers.

My wife, Krista, and I live in Northern California minutes away from some of the world’s greatest wineries of Napa, Sonoma, and Suisun valleys, with our two cats, Smooth and NEO. And every once in a while a squirrel in the attic. In my broad expertise of the real estate world of rentals, owning and foreclosures, you can find me evicting our squirrel tenants on a periodic basis.

I am a classically trained musician/vocalist/lyricist. Over the years I have had the distinct pleasure to have worked with some incredible artists which include Santana, Journey, Bill Gibson (Huey Lewis), Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Dylan, Lennon, Cheap Trick), David Bryson (Counting Crows), The Ring to name a few...

I also enjoy experimenting with off-grid living in a custom RV that I have completely renovated from an old sheriff mobile command unit acquired from auction.

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Douglas J Boggs, author of the critically acclaimed book “Quantum of Justice”, is a writer, critical thinker, entrepreneur, blogger/podcaster, poet, and a refined hippie real estate expert who discusses justice, politics, spirituality, society and isms…


Author of the critically acclaimed book, “Quantum of Justice”; critical thinker, entrepreneur, meditator, musician, mystic, podcaster, poet, publisher, refined hippie, and real estate developer/investor/builder, renaissance man, and writer.