Douglas J Boggs - Author of “Quantum of Justice”

What is…it about?

“How did I get here?”, you might be asking yourself with The Talking Heads “Letting the Days Go By” playing in the background of the caverns of your mind? Well, you clicked the About tab of ““Smoke and Mirrors…and the art of critical thinking?””. So, what is…“Smoke and Mirrors”? Well, it is a mantra call of mine. So much of what we see, hear and experience in our world is in all actuality a facade. And knowing all of that can give some a bit of anxiety. Me? Well, normally, I am well grounded and calm, cool, and collected kind of guy. That is until I’m not. I mean, I am a Taurus.

I began writing on Substack because my previous blog project ended. I turned those eight years of writing about fraud and foreclosures into 16k subscribers and my acclaimed book, “Quantum of Justice”. The book covers my four year long legal saga that took me all the way to the state Supreme Court, all the while I acted as my own attorney, against Wells Fargo Bank for fraud of their illegal foreclosure action against my personal home while I was current on my mortgage. Yes, you read that right. Current. It is a must read.

But time marches on. After the release of the book I wanted to be able to continue diving into those and other new ideas that have been creeping through the caverns of my mind. Creating within this new venue is giving me a chance to rethink and reframe what and how I want to put myself and my ideas out into the world. This platform is also giving me the opportunity to begin producing podcasts. Both writing and podcast options allow me to explore a myriad of ideas and the means of distribution and production of those ideas. And as of Jan. 2022 I have been eager to delve deeper into putting out more content. I am also using my YouTube page for some podcast content and you can find more mass media centric content on my Medium page for OpEd’s or other posts.

I will be sharing reflections, discussions, interviews, comments of things I am working on, people I am meeting, people I admire, ideas and ruminations from songs I am producing, or excerpts of my next book I am composing. Or perhaps we might simply deal with some public affairs issues and see about finding the truth in the chaos through the art of critical thinking.

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So, About me…

I am a writer and member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors. I am a critical thinker, podcaster, speaker, singer, musician, and a poet. My first book “Quantum of Justice – The Fraud of Foreclosure and the Illegal Securitization of Notes on Wall Street” is being well received and reviewed. You can find it on the “SHOPPE” Tab above. I will be releasing a new book called “Secrets for the Tax Lien Investor” and also a book of poetry, in April of 2023. I have a political/thriller, called Truth and Consequences, scheduled to be release soon and is available to read chapter by chapter for paid subscribers, and a Sci-Fi trilogy screenplay that I have been working on to follow, as well.

I live in Northern California and am minutes away from the world’s greatest wineries of Napa and Sonoma counties. I share a beautiful house with my wife, Krista, and our cat, Smooth. And every once in a while a squirrel in the attic. In my broad expertise of the real estate world of rentals, owning and foreclosures, you can find me evicting our squirrel tenants on a periodic basis.

In my spare time I am the vocalist/lyricist for the progressive rock band, The Ring. I have had the distinct pleasure to have worked with some incredible artists over the years which include Santana, Journey, Bill Gibson (Huey Lewis), Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Dylan, Lennon, Cheap Trick), David Bryson (Counting Crows) to name drop a few... I also enjoy experimenting with off-grid living in a custom RV which I have completely renovated from an old sheriff mobile command unit that I acquired from auction. I am excited to take it to Burning Man in the future…

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Douglas J Boggs
Author of the highly acclaimed book, “Quantum of Justice”; MFA, CEO, critical thinker, entrepreneur, essayist, meditator, musician, mystic, podcaster, poet, refined hippie, and real estate developer/investor, renaissance man.