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Meditation Monday - 3 Things

Meditation Monday - 3 Things

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Aaaand hello, good morning, and good evening from where ever you may be. This is Douglas J Boggs, with Smoke and Mirrors, and my podcast “ReFraming The World with Douglas J Boggs”. We are here once again for my Meditation Monday segment.

Today we are going to work on the conversations we have with our subconscious and our ego. Now for some of you by simply reading or hearing this opening line it may cause some uncomfortable feelings. This is simply a survival mechanism of your ego giving you a message that it will fight against forces attempting to control it. Most people live their lives with their ego guiding the way. This creates a myriad of issues to be dealt with in the long run.

You can break this kind of behavior. You can break the patterns of your ego controlling your conscious environment. To begin this process I am going to give you a meditation to do right before you go to sleep. So, every night now for the rest of your life I want you to take the last five minutes before you fall off to sleep and realize that you are about to program your subconscious mind. Tell your ego-self that it is safe and it is going to learn from your subconscious mind. Tell your subconscious mind that it is safe and it is going to teach the ego-self while you sleep.

Your subconscious mind is most comfortable, and at peace, and at home when you are unconscious, when you are asleep. Most people spend the last five minutes of their day, every day, reviewing all of the things that they didn’t like. All of the things that bothered them. All of the things that didn’t work out. Reflecting on the pains and issues with their bodies and how terrible they might feel. Thinking about who abused them in some way? Who was mean to them? Who said this or that about them and made them feel sad or angry. People think about all of the pains, and trials, and tribulations of the day that make them mad and uncomfortable and they reflect on that. So many people do. We are going to break this habit. Most people are constantly doing this kind of thing with their minds.

When we do this, then you are in fact programming your subconscious mind. Because the next thing you are about to do is to have all of those thoughts and emotions stir, simmer, and marinate inside your subconscious mind over the next eight hours while you sleep. Then when you awaken your subconscious mind is going to help to create the world in which that you had left just before you went to sleep. That world that you had created in your mind, in your thoughts. Your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference of awake and asleep. Your subconscious mind is on 24/7.

Your conscious mind helps to dictate your physical place in the conscious 3D experience of what we call life. It creates what we interact with, what we see, smell, hear, and feel. And, all of what quantum science has proven to us is that our mind creates our reality. So what we tell it life becomes.


The subconscious mind builds the worlds for us to reside in in our conscious mind. Our conscious mind is driven by the ego and our subconscious mind takes the input of what it is given through our thoughts and then builds the worlds in which we will reside when we awake.

This is the message that says “If you want to change the world you must first change yourself.” You can change yourself and the world by changing your thoughts. Your thoughts will dictate your reality, so if you want to change your reality, change your thoughts. When you change those thoughts before you go to sleep by telling your subconscious about that world it will then begin to build that world which you are going to awaken into.

In quantum science our thoughts create our reality, so what reality do you wish to create?

So, as you go to bed from now on, for the rest of your life, change how you end your day and you will begin to change your world.

As you are about to fall asleep I want you to reflect on three things that you are grateful for in your life. What can make this even more powerful is if you write these three things down before you go to bed in a small notebook by your side table. Simply note three things that make you happy. Then close the book and do your breathing exercise to begin to calm your body. Think about what it is about those three things that make you happy? As you are thinking and being grateful for those three things breathe in deep in through your nose and exhale out of your mouth as you think of those things that you are grateful for.

Then when you wake up, first thing in the morning, pull out that notebook and write three new things that you are grateful for as you begin your new day. Simply write three things down and close the book. Make the three new things you write in the morning different that the three things you had written the night before as you were going to sleep. This gives your subconscious mind six things to maintain throughout your day that it will try to make manifest for you.

Your subconscious mind simply wants to make you happy and give you what you think about. So, if you give it things to think about that make you happy, that make you empowered, that make you confident, that make you generous, that make you grateful it will help to guide your ego into that world as well.

Then, throughout the day, if you find yourself being led by your your ego mind and being manipulated to think negative thoughts, to make discord with your inner self, stop what you are doing and thinking and breathe. Tell your ego self that this was not what you want to think about and go back to those “six” things that you had written in your book over the past day and reflect on that again. Just for a minute.

Doing this every day. By the end of the week you will have 42 different things to tell yourself what you are grateful for. You will be able to tell yourself 42 things that make you happy to be alive.

It begins with 3.

It begins today.

It begins tonight.

It begins with you.

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SMOKE & MIRRORS... and the art of critical thinking
ReFraming the World with Douglas J Boggs
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